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    ICRX Lens

    If you are having a bad experience with your prescription sunglass or you always thin that it's totally impossible to get your eye degree made to a sporty sunglasses... Don't worry, we have a solution for you.

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    Yellowsplus . Established in 2001

    First priority of YELLOWSPLUS brand concept is styles which styles are lost by materials and functionalities for other brands. Yellowsplus don't stick too much to the fashion short life but they pursue the styles, which are appreciated to be beautiful constanly by users in long periods. Using the world famous techniques of Japan, with sure eyes and skillful fingers of expert engineers on assembling, they produced excellent result of "hand finish" Yellowsplus frames.

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    Made in Germany. Global patent screw less slide shaft design, you don’t have to worry about when using loose temples problems but also provides a more than solid, stable, comfortable wearing experience. Simple but also a bold frame design, the full performance of the German Germanic style design style, like other German boutique as neat, excellent quality. You will praise ByWp delicate and rich texture of the design, wear on, the position is even more distinct identity.

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