If you are to pursue a comfortable wearing eye glasses, I think you may need to consider [dun].

The designers have finally found out the best material named “GUMMETAL” to achieve [dun] mission. “GUMMETAL” material has both toughness & flexibility more than B-titanium.

[dun] was born to bring out GUMMETAL potential, with well-considered design , and with premium wearing.
We believe you could feel ‘tenderness’ in this eyewear, which you have never experienced before.

GUMMETAL is far less prone to rust than conventional titanium alloys, lighter and infinitely more people- and environment-friendly. It has a limitless number of possible applications, such as automotive springs, sports goods (golf clubs etc.), medical devices (such as artificial bones), watch cases etc. The soft-contact wearing feel and an elaborate design freedom of GUMMETAL seem to be indicating the arrival of the next-generation eyewear.

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