STAFFAN Preutz DESIGN (9)

    Staffan Preutz design, the Swedish point of view comes to the things into play. Possible combinations without end, cheerful colors and a high ease. An exceptional design made with high quality Grilamid Plastic, Titanium and the patented NXT versions of the series. An extraordinary collection that pleased not only the customer but also the optician. The innovative designs do not require screws and harmonize easily with any face shape. The material provides a high skin compatibility and high elasticity. All frames are made in Sweden with perfection and innovation.
  • Yellows Plus

    Yellows Plus (23)

    We are familiar with many ranges from Europe and the USA who make their frames in Japan. And then we started wondering... if Japan produces the finest quality hand-made glasses, do they have any exceptional eyewear designers of their own? We had a look around, and we struck gold. Or shall we say yellow. Designer of Yellows Plus, Toshiaki Yamagishi, really knows his stuff - The range features high-grade titanium and Japanese Zyl in a variety of interesting colours. All frames are handmade, hand-polished, and very unique.
  • Muge Classic

    Muge Classic (9)

    The meaning of MUGE, is not being bound to anything. The conflicting elements such as "Japan beauty and Western beauty", "retro and modern," "analog and high-tech" . It was fused in a unique unbinding. "Come much, a little quality." You can experience the brand yourself... All frame are made from titanium material. Best for daily wear. (無碍)是不受任何东西的约束的意思。比如日本梅美和西洋美****这样的相反的要素的独特的融合。将「更加,上等」的感觉得到亲身感受的品牌。
  • Tana-Gokoro

    Tana-Gokoro (6)

    Crasftman glasses manufacturer Kaneko inherited the old fashioned recipe using a traditional material Celluloid. The finest quality celluloid required to be stored for three years before eyewear production. This is done to make the celluloid harder which reduce any changes on frame shape over time. Kiyoshi Makoto
  • USH

    USH (10)

    Under Spiritual Horn Ush brand name comes from the first letter of the spirit of the brand. Completely original design, traditional Japanese handmade glasses fabrication techniques, USH glasses chapter the a whole full page in the 21st century. USH glasses are handmade by one of the best craftsmen in Japan, Yuichi Toyama. He is a great man with unlimited ideas. Most of his collection are always create with a character. Compare from normal design, he dare to pursuit odd and stylist setting in his individual collection. Frames are made of titanium and acetate which guarantees the highest durability, light and best in wearing comfort. Every details are precise and brilliant. If you are looking for something exotic and unconventional, chose USH, a glasses that show your personality self.
  • ByWP

    ByWP (7)

    ByWP – the name is composed using the initials of Wolfgang Proksch, creating a link with the designer’s name. Glasses frames formed from wafer-thin stainless steel or beta titanium sheet with a patented screw-free hinge solution and connection assembly. Japanese material refined with an ionic coating, with hinge flexibility and hardness, paired with timeless design to produce a quality product. The collection is defined by its clear aesthetics, reflecting a subtle sense of style and successfully combining modern fashion with industrial design language. High-tech engineering is used to shape highly flexible, wafer-thin stainless steel that is then refined using ionic electroplating, hand-polished or matte finished. New materials such as acetate or titanium give the style an alternative edge. The innovative hinge: A cylindrical half-shell as a gliding and rotating element and spring tongues for the snap-mechanics. It encompasses a screw free solution.

    COPPE SID (20)

    Coppe Sid frames are completely hand-made in Italy. The uniqueness of this brand is every single frame comes with their trademark and leitmotif, is a thin silver of genuine Lapis Lazuli inserted in the temple. Each of the creations comes with a serial number and warranty card to guarantee authenticity and that you have the genuine article. To reflect international renown and in the spirit of a truly cosmopolitan endeavour –their collections are named after key international cities and their respective airport codes.
  • MiNiMA

    MiNiMA (6)

    The spirit of MINIMA glasses can be summed up in five universal qualities: Simpicity , Comfort , Innovation , Sturdiness and Subtlety. Driven By Innovation Since its creation, MINIMA has not stopped inventing the glasses of tomorrow. From the first model to the latest novelties, MINIMA imagines innovative solutions to meet any needs. Running against the grain of fleeting collections that extol novelty for the sake of novelty, MINIMA focuses its creativity on utility tot produce lasting innovations.
  • DUN

    DUN (25)

    If you are to pursue a comfortable wearing eye glasses, I think you may need to consider [dun]. The designers have finally found out the best material named "GUMMETAL" to achieve [dun] mission. "GUMMETAL" material has both toughness & flexibility more than B-titanium. [dun] was born to bring out GUMMETAL potential, with well-considered design , and with premium wearing. We believe you could feel 'tenderness' in this eyewear, which you have never experienced before. GUMMETAL is far less prone to rust than conventional titanium alloys, lighter and infinitely more people- and environment-friendly. It has a limitless number of possible applications, such as automotive springs, sports goods (golf clubs etc.), medical devices (such as artificial bones), watch cases etc. The soft-contact wearing feel and an elaborate design freedom of GUMMETAL seem to be indicating the arrival of the next-generation eyewear.
  • Japonism

    Japonism (20)

    We have worked with a lot of apparel makers ans eyeglasses firms for OEM projects as a glasses designing company since 1984. With rich experiences from those OEM works, we launched JAPONISM as our first house brand in 1996. JAPONISM frames are simple yet outstanding and are designed with its concept "functionality build in natural shape". JAPONISM... is named after from the movement that Japanese arts brought a big influence on European arts and fashion in the late 19th century. Design and comfort expresses the world of JAPONISM. The essential elements for this collection are the pressed parts produced by skillful craftsmanship.

    SPIVVY (22)

  • Oliver peoples

    Oliver peoples (2)

    Oliver Peoples designs quality luxury eyewear for trendsetters and tastemakers who appreciate quality, style and performance in their optical frames and sunglasses. Founded in 1987, Oliver Peoples began with the introduction of a retro-inspired eyewear collection created by renowned designer Larry Leight. Oliver Peoppfles glasses have defined Los Angeles eyewear fashions for decades. Profiled in the best fashion magazines throughout the world and worn by virtually every Hollywood star at one time or another. Oliver Peoples eyeglasses show a flair for the unique with a hint of the classic. Oliver Peoples is known for its cutting edge sunglasses and optical frames designs and outstanding quality and craftsmanship. By constantly keeping its finger and on pulse of the music, fashion and film industries, Oliver Peoples does not merely spot trends, it creates them. Using the highest quality components, Oliver Peoples Eyewear is designed by a team of fashion artists that create a complement for every face type. You will see the perfect pair for you.
  • Paul Frank

    Paul Frank (5)

    Feel the exhilaration from one of Southern California’s most exciting and fun eyewear designers, Paul Frank. All designs are inspirational and celebrate the young and the young at heart. Paul Frank eyewear offers you an array of classic and retro shapes, combined with unique colour, combinations and sizes. Whether in the mood for bold black or beautiful colours like tortoise and cranberry, Paul Frank has something for everyone looking for youthful excitement in their eyewear. Feeling playful? Choose a pair with interesting colour accents and contrasts like white and orange. You are sure to find your inner kid from a wide assortment of fun-filled frames from Paul Frank. Quit monkeying around and select your pair of fun and trendy Paul Frank Eyewear today! Little story… In 1995 in a small garage in Orange County, California, the art student Paul Frank was busy sewing his first vinyl wallet as a present for a friend's birthday. When his friends saw the work, a colourful vinyl wallet with the (now famous) monkey Julius on top of it, they instantly fell in love with it. It was therefore that day, when the story of demand was written new. Paul Frank Industries became the creator of some of the most sought after accessories and lifestyle products of our times. Paul Frank Optometrists, the eyewear line of Paul Frank, consists of sun and eyeglasses made in tradition of Paul Frank Industries in vintage shapes and outstanding colour combinations. All models are made from acetate, a high quality natural plastic and are therefore very resistant to scratches and damage.
  • SALT

    SALT (8)

    Established in 2006 and located in Coastal California SALT. applies over 30 years of experience in building brands, developing products and servicing customers in the optical, fashion apparel and accessories markets. Inspired by the need for eyewear that is stylish, technically advanced and appropriate for their lifestyle, the founders of SALT. set out to provide the optical industry with an independent alternative.
  • Superdry

    Superdry (10)

    The new collection of Superdry Eyewear features amazing acetates with bold details for a contemporary look with a vintage feel. According to Superdry's own promotional literature "Superdry was launched in 2003, after an inspirational trip to Tokyo [by Julian Dunkerton] ..... and aims to create 'future classic' glasses inspired by fusing iconic vintage Americana and high impact Japanese graphic imagery with a British twist" Launched in 2003, heavily assisted by early adoption by David Beckham and other global A-listers Superdry has fast become one of the hottest brands on the planet.
  • Tart Optical Enterprises

    Tart Optical Enterprises (2)

    Tart Optical Enterprises Inc. (OTE) was a small but legendary maker of eye frames founded in New York City in the mid 1940's. Through the years, Tart Optical frames have consistently reflected the demands of the optical market and the trends of fashion. Tart Optical has always been associated with maintaining a high calibre of quality product sold by the company. Plastics frames became more popular during the late thirties, in part because World War II pushed the use of plastic by creating a scarcity of other more traditional materials used previously. OTE was there at the beginning long before fabrication and finishing procedures developed. All frames are 100%, Handmade in Japan
  • WOOW

    WOOW (6)

    Between traditional and casual, chic and off-beat with a “trendy London” feel, the WOOW style will speak to all women and men with a sense of humor. Anti-crisis eyewear! The little message inserted in the end tip of the frame will make the wearer smile first thing in the morning… Better than a coach!