• Barton Perreira

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  • ByWP

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    The collection is defined by its clear aesthetics, reflecting a subtle sense of style and successfully combining modern fashion with industrial design language. High-tech engineering is used to shape highly flexible, wafer-thin stainless steel that is then refined using ionic electroplating, hand-polished or matte finished. New materials such as acetate or titanium give the style an alternative edge.
  • Oliver Goldsmith

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    First to see sunglasses as fashion accessories, first to make sunspecs, first to make 'winter sunglasses. First to work alongside fashion houses to create one-off pieces for the catwalks, first to appear in Vogue and Queen, and first to be endorsed by celebrities and Royals. OG pioneered a whole new concept. Eyewear. From Bamboo frames to butterflies, tennis racquets to TV Screens, all overtly striking. All signature OG.
  • Oliver peoples

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    Oliver Peoples was born in the heart of West Hollywood, California, on iconic Sunset Boulevard, in 1986, when Co-Founder and Creative Director Larry Leight opened the doors to The Company's first optical boutique. Earlier that year, Leight discovered an estate collection of vintage American-made eyewear that included thousands of beautifully filigreed rimless and metal frames, including clip-on metal sunglasses produced by iconic American companies. All the frames were unworn, in mint condition, and in original packaging. He purchased the entire lot, which included a receipt signed “Oliver Peoples,” who he reasoned was the original owner or distributor. When he decided to sell the estate collection in the retail store, it seemed fitting they use the name. It was then that the Oliver Peoples vision was realized: to design a collection of eyewear and create a unique retail experience in a gallery-like setting
  • Paul Frank

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  • SALT

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    Optics is an independent lifestyle company that creates premium handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well.
  • Subcrew

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    Subcrew has been expanding our territory in the street wear industry, other than our regular collection, we now have our own eye piece brand called SUBCREW EYES WEAR so that eye wear accessories becomes one of our collection. This season release a series of exclusive CLIP-ON sunglasses, our standard is set to be on par with Subcrew by Mikli, a collaboration with the French eyewear master, there is no doubt the quality is the best. These clip-on series was originated from the 50s-60s gentleman look, as well as the reflective lens specially made for the summer. This sunglasses come in to color way. These are the best for the summer!