Paul Frank

Feel the exhilaration from one of Southern California’s most exciting and fun eyewear designers, Paul Frank. All designs are inspirational and celebrate the young and the young at heart. Paul Frank eyewear offers you an array of classic and retro shapes, combined with unique colour, combinations and sizes. Whether in the mood for bold black or beautiful colours like tortoise and cranberry, Paul Frank has something for everyone looking for youthful excitement in their eyewear. Feeling playful? Choose a pair with interesting colour accents and contrasts like white and orange. You are sure to find your inner kid from a wide assortment of fun-filled frames from Paul Frank. Quit monkeying around and select your pair of fun and trendy Paul Frank Eyewear today!

Little story… In 1995 in a small garage in Orange County, California, the art student Paul Frank was busy sewing his first vinyl wallet as a present for a friend’s birthday. When his friends saw the work, a colourful vinyl wallet with the (now famous) monkey Julius on top of it, they instantly fell in love with it. It was therefore that day, when the story of demand was written new. Paul Frank Industries became the creator of some of the most sought after accessories and lifestyle products of our times. Paul Frank Optometrists, the eyewear line of Paul Frank, consists of sun and eyeglasses made in tradition of Paul Frank Industries in vintage shapes and outstanding colour combinations. All models are made from acetate, a high quality natural plastic and are therefore very resistant to scratches and damage.

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